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What is Peso Store?

Peso Store offers varied general merchandise at the single price point of P99 to P109 per item.

How do i buy Peso Store items?

We sell online (see video) or you can visit our 5 stores in Cebu (see map of where to find us).

What items are great value?

Watch for branded items they are the first ones that run out. Our make-up line are also a good value as they are all Made in the USA.

What items can I buy?

Peso Store sells a great assortment of branded and good quality personal care items like shampoos and conditioners, hair masks and detanglers, dry shampoo, lotions, soaps and bath gels, bath and kitchen cleaners, party essentials, baby care, pet care like dog bandannas, pet shampoos, home wares and many more.

Sometimes I can find my favourite products, sometimes not. Why is that?

Peso Store shares the same suppliers as the Dollar Stores in Los Angeles, California. These suppliers get from manufacturing overruns or from US groceries and pharmacies that liquidate their excess stocks. These results in great bargains that are passed on to our buyers, but sometimes there are limited stocks, or even a one time availability. Smart buyers stock up on their favorite items so they won’t run out.

Where are the items from?

All merchandise sold in Peso Store are sourced from Los Angeles. Most items are made in the USA, Mexico, Turkey, China or Vietnam following USDA guidelines.

When do you get new items?

As much as possible we stock up on our popular items, but we do get a fresh batch of never before sold items when we get a new shipment every 3 months.

Are items sold online the same as the ones sold in stores?

Yes, we sell the same items online as in the stores, unless specifically labeled as online only item.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Because we are a discount stores, our mark-ups are very low, and we are also dollar exchange reliant, that is why we don’t offer bulk discounts on . The only exception is if you pre-order a particular item at 100 pieces, and willing to prepay 50% or buy our store started box.

Do you offer franchises?

Due to store standardization, we are not equipped to do franchises yet. However, we can do a starter box for new stores at a special price of P10,000. Inside the box is 100 pieces that you choose from our best selling items plus a bonus of 20 items that we choose.

How to order online?

Do you do deliveries?

After your order has been confirmed with the delivery details, we can book Maxim, Grab and other delivery services to your address. The cost of delivery varies and fees are exclusive from the total cart price.

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